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Publication date: May 2014
ISBN: 978-0692220696
Kindle - $7.99
Paperback - $15.95 - To come
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"The Matriarch: Guardians is BETTER than the original!" says Kelly Smith of Kelly Smith Reviews

"Just when you think you know what to expect from a sequel, Kevin A. Ranson completely shatters predictability with The Matriarch: Guardians." Dark Media Online

Janiss Connelly is still getting her fangs wet as the director of the Cedarcrest Sanctum when new vampires begin to appear - and someone seems hell bent on killing them. Before she can uncover the mystery behind who is doing the creating - and the destroying - Janiss must first confront and resolve the lingering issues of her former life.

What happens next sets Janiss' past and present on a collision course that may very well determine the course of her future - and her soul - and puts the Cedarcrest Sanctum in the center of a battle of the undead from which no one may walk away.

Once again, Kevin Ranson has created unforgettable - and unforgivable - people whose power no reader can resist. Ranson's authorial command is evident in his tightly woven plot, into which he masterfully entangles Janiss and her Cedarcrest team - and new friends and enemies. The Matriarch: Guardians is a worthy sequel to The Matriarch - and a reading experience not to be missed. Ranson truly has staked out new vampiric territory with his ongoing Cedarcrest saga.




Kevin Ranson continues to lay a reasonable claim to the title "Media Renaissance Man," as an author, creator of and critic for MovieCrypt.com, and as the "ghost writer" for horror host Grim D. Reaper. Kevin started early: writing in grade school, and making and selling his own comic books. He kept writing through junior high, high school and college until joining the Navy, where he spent years filling up notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean. Kevin created MovieCrypt.com in the late 1990s and became a member of the Online Film Critics Society shortly thereafter. After honing his narrative voice on film critique, Kevin published the first book in his The Spooky Chronicles series in 2011. The Matriarch: Guardians is the sequel to his critically acclaimed The Matriarch.

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