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Publication date: July 2015
ISBN: 978-0692220696
Kindle - $8.50
Trade - $16.95
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"Throughout American history, every major conflict has been due to either a misunderstanding between parties or a failure to live up to a promise – and needless bloodshed was always the result."

And bloodshed was something with which Janiss Connelly was all too familiar, either by her own or someone else's hand. Friends. Lovers. Enemies. But as the administrator of Cedarcrest Sanctum, it was a
necessary evil: keeping the facility's residents safe – and, thanks to infusions of her vampiric blood, alive – was both her responsibility and mission.

It is a mission that is jeopardized by a very old – and private – vampire living and working as a college professor in Charleston, West Virginia. Janiss visits to determine her undead "neighbor's" true intentions, only to find that she and Cedarcrest are on the professor's "syllabus." Left with no choice, the administrator must become the student and ask her own hated teacher for the deadly tutelage she needs to rescue the Sanctum.

In The Matriarch: Changeling, Janiss will learn that friends and enemies are never who they seem to be – a lesson that must be paid in blood.

Kevin Ranson continues to paint layer after layer of nuanced suspense, mystery and horror onto the canvas of his Matriarch series. With each keystroke, he makes his characters deeper and more nuanced, and, in turn, them - their pasts, presents and futures - more real. Interweaving historical fact and fiction, his landscape is smart, rich and, combined with Janiss and the friends and foes of Cedarcrest, makes The Matriarch: Changeling a worthy penultimate chapter in this groundbreaking vampire saga.





Kevin Ranson continues to lay a reasonable claim to the title "Media Renaissance Man," as an author, creator of and critic for MovieCrypt.com, and as the "ghost writer" for horror host Grim D. Reaper. Kevin started early: writing in grade school, and making and selling his own comic books. He kept writing through junior high, high school and college until joining the Navy, where he spent years filling up notebooks with story ideas while touring the Mediterranean. Kevin created MovieCrypt.com in the late 1990s and became a member of the Online Film Critics Society shortly thereafter. After honing his narrative voice on film critique, Kevin published the first book in his The Spooky Chronicles series in 2011. The Matriarch: Changeling continues The Matriarch saga - which will return next year...one...last...time.

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