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Publication date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-0615946566
Availability: Kindle - $2.99/Trade - $12.99
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Being dead is like being born again and again for as long as there are thoughts to occupy...but what if your thoughts are


Nefarious – fronted by the charismatic, but troubled, Mai Evans – is poised for stardom when fate puts amateur guitarist Blue on the center stage. What follows is a fast lane to success - and an even faster downward spiral of drugs and sex…love and jealousy…madness and murder.

The end leads back to the beginning – to the pool of Mai's dark creativity…and a curse he believes threatens to destroy everything and everyone he touches.

But is the source of evil more mortal – and deadly?

The truth awaits in the biggest lie of all.

JD Phillips' 2006 breakthrough novel is now available in this exclusive Words Take Flight Books release. Named first runner up in the 2007 Best Books of Indiana Awards, Tainted is a psychological thriller that draws you in to the hard-living - and equally dark and seductive - world of Nefarious. Phillips - and Fate - traps you together with Mai and Blue in a place between reality and unreality, between demons of the mind and the remains of the soul, with only one way out...the way you went in.


JD Phillips is a native of Bartholomew County, Indiana. She attended IUPUC, where she majored in psychology and earned a bachelor of arts degree from Indiana University. She is currently employed by a residential treatment facility for troubled youth. She has been writing since childhood and has had several short works published in Literalines, a magazine published out of IUPUC.

Her first two novels were Dreaming While You Sleep: Book One of Footprints on the Other Side, followed shortly thereafter by its sequel A Beautiful Rain. Tainted, her third novel, was followed by The Dead Pool, which was released in 2007 and received an honorable mention at the 2008 New York Book Festival. Mad Angel was released in July 2009.

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