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From Ashes

Publication date: November 20, 2014
ISBN: 978-0692334904
Availability: Kindle - $7.99/Trade - $15.95
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The Phoenix. A symbol of rebirth. Renewal. Always reduced to ashes, but perpetually returning to splendor. Purified.

And then there was Kell.

Kell. The young boy they called the “Little Phoenix.” Lone survivor of the Cocoon Man – kidnapper, child molester, murderer. Great things were expected of Kell – he was a survivor. But he let everyone down. Family. Friends. Himself. He knew their expectations were misplaced – they didn’t know the truth. He was supposed to be the dead one – but someone else was dead in his place. Because of him. His fault.

Kell. The twenty-something street hustler. Fleeing from his past – himself. Indebted to his pimp. Suffering in the freezing cold of a bus stop to meet his weekly obligation. A car. A customer. Warmth. Safety.


Kidnapped. Tortured. A hell re-lived at the hands of a mysterious man and woman – twisted, sadistic. Deadly. Kell will soon learn that you can’t run from your past – that it is always faster than you can flee. And when it catches you, you have two choices: learn or die from it.


JD Phillips is a native of Bartholomew County, Indiana. She attended IUPUC, where she majored in psychology and earned a bachelor of arts degree from Indiana University. She is currently employed by a residential treatment facility for troubled youth. She has been writing since childhood and has had several short works published in Literalines, a magazine published out of IUPUC.

Her first two novels were Dreaming While You Sleep: Book One of Footprints on the Other Side, followed shortly thereafter by its sequel A Beautiful Rain. Tainted, her third novel, was followed by The Dead Pool, which was released in 2007 and received an honorable mention at the 2008 New York Book Festival. Mad Angel was released in July 2009. From Ashes is her second Words Take Flight Books release.

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